About us.

Barista milk to elevate your coffee experience. Made in colLABoration with baristas, farmers, foodies and more. Crafted for coffee.

Barista pouring MILKLAB oat milk from a carton into a MILKLAB oat frothing jug
Barista smiling with a cup of coffee in the foreground

Our Story

MILKLAB began in 2015 when we offered our first range-solution of premium alternative milks to the hospitality industry. Our goal was then, and still is now, to elevate the café coffee experience for baristas and consumers alike with a range of high performance, barista milks.

With the coffee industry booming in Australia and worldwide and a growing number of consumers looking to switch from regular dairy, we developed a range of milks to suit a variety of tastes and dietary needs.

MILKLAB - Crafted for coffee

The range

The MILKLAB range includes Almond, Oat, Soy, Macadamia, Coconut, Full Cream Dairy and Lactose Free milks. And they’re all made for baristas, to deliver high performance, texturing and stretching with a creamy mouthfeel to complement espresso coffee.

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Australia’s #1 plant-based barista milk used in cafés


As part of our journey developing the MILKLAB range, we colLABorated extensively with some of the world’s most experienced and influential baristas, coffee roasters, food scientists, café owners and other industry professionals.

We engaged them throughout the entire product development process, presenting our ideas and sampling our trial blends directly with them in their workplaces across Australia and other parts of the world.

We took on board feedback to ensure we developed products that met the needs of coffee loving consumers as well as that improved the workflow, efficiency and product offering for the industry.

To this day, colLABoration remains at the heart of everything we do as we continue to work with the industry to evaluate and evolve our range to ensure we deliver the best tasting, highest quality range of barista milks.

Barista pouring MILKLAB milk into a coffee cup with another barista smiling in the foreground


We’re committed to implementing sustainable practices in our products, our processes and our packaging. Because we believe when milk makes up 80% of your coffee, the milk you choose matters.

Australian owned & made

All MILKLAB products are locally made at our facilities in Shepparton, VIC and Ingleburn, NSW. We aim to reduce our products’ environmental impacts wherever possible, and always aim to source within Australia before looking offshore.

Ethical sourcing

Whether it’s from our almond growers who implement bee protective initiatives, to working with dairy farmers who are committed to the humane treatment of cows – We partner with producers & growers that care about our planet.

Renewable energy

We installed 10,000 solar panels on our Shepparton production plant, which combined contribute 20% of the site’s total usage — it’s the largest installation of its kind in Victoria, and one of the largest in all of Australia.

Recyclable packaging

Our product packaging is made with FSC-grade board and carries the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) logo.