Cow’s milk is rich in nutrients and protein which help to support healthy bones and teeth, such as calcium and vitamin D. Lactose free milk offers the same nutritional benefits as regular dairy.

Ingredients: dairy milk, enzyme (lactase).

We follow ethical sourcing practices in creating our 100% Aussie dairy milk products.

MILKLAB Lactose Free Dairy Milk

Delicious taste of real milk, just without the lactose.

MILKLAB Lactose Free is a high-performance barista dairy milk developed in colLABoration with Australian dairy farmers to complement espresso coffee.

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Award-winning dairy milk that’s easier on your tummy

We add lactase, a natural enzyme, to our 100% Australian dairy milk to break down the lactose into simple natural sugars, so your body doesn’t have to.

Using the best quality dairy milk and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities ensures that MILKLAB Lactose Free maintains the fresh taste of regular dairy milk with the added convenience of being a long-life UHT product.

Made from 100% fresh Aussie dairy milk from NSW & VIC farmers
Easier to digest for people with lactose intolerance
Gold Award Winner – NSW Dairy Industry Association of Australia
We partner with farmers who take pride in responsible and safe dairy farming practices

MILKLAB Lactose Free FAQ

Where does the milk in MILKLAB Lactose Free come from?

Our milk comes from farmers in Victoria and New South Wales, Australia.

Why does lactose free milk taste sweet?

Dairy milk contains lactose, which is a natural sugar. However, lactose free milk contains lactase, an enzyme that breaks down lactose into simpler sugars, glucose and galactose. As a result, lactose free milk has a much lower lactose content than regular dairy milk, and glucose and galactose make up the total sugars. The individual sugars, glucose and galactose, can taste sweeter, causing lactose free milk to taste sweeter than dairy milk. It's worth noting that MILKLAB Lactose Free milk has no added sugar.

Is MILKLAB Lactose Free gluten free?

There is no gluten in any of the ingredients used to make MILKLAB Lactose Free and its produced in a facility that doesn't have gluten present.

How long does MILKLAB Lactose Free last in fridge?

Once opened, keep refrigerated store your MILKLAB Lactose Free below 4°C and consume within 5 days.

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