Where to buy MILKLAB.

Our range of high performance barista milks has never been easier to purchase, whether it’s for your café or your home. Explore the best ways to buy MILKLAB, or find your local distributor to range MILKLAB in your café.

Barista holding two coffee extracting tools over his eyes smiling with MILKLAB milk cartons in the background

Range MILKLAB in your café

Interested in ranging MILKLAB in your café? MILKLAB is available through foodservice distributors across Australia and the world.

To find a MILKLAB distributor near you, get in touch and one of our team members will help you out!

Barista sitting outside a cafe with boxes of MILKLAB oat and almond on the ground beside him

MILKLAB for the home barista

For when you can’t get out to your local café or you’re mastering the art of coffee at home, choose MILKLAB for your at home coffee.

Just getting started? Brush up and skill up with our Barista Basics by Golden Brown.

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