Christmas Tree Latte Art

MILKLAB 2023 Barista Battle Australian Champion and Master Barista @ponga.edenn is bringing the festive cheer showing us how to pour a Christmas Tree with our coffee!

Christmas Tree Latte Art
December 25, 2023
Latte Art

Here's a step by step guide on how to pour a Christmas tree using MILKLAB Coconut! Tip from our Master Barista, steam your milk a bit longer with more foam for the pour.

1. After mixing your espresso base, start your first rosetta with bigger leaves with your handle at 3 o'clock.

2. Make your second rosetta on the same side of the handle, and you can keep repeating making each one shorter till you get to the top to make a tree shape.

3. Make a line on both sides of the tree to form the shape of your tree.

4. On the bottom of the cup under your tree, make a line for a tree trunk with a dragging technique.

5. At the top, drag your milk slowly to make a star!

6. Lastly, drop milk with your jug spout a bit higher to light up your Christmas tree!

Voila! Your Christmas Tree in a cup is ready!

MILKLAB featured colLABorator

MILKLAB Master Barista, Rizky aka @ponga.edenn. 🏆 Winner of the MILKLAB Australia Barista Battle 2023.


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