Monkey Latte Art

Rizky, our MILKLAB Master Barista shows us how to do a monkey latte art pour!

Monkey Latte Art
March 1, 2024
Latte Art
  1. After mixing the coffee until 60% of cup is full, and handle at 3 o’clock, start with a 2 stack of tulips for the body shape, and just cut it in half in the middle.
  1. With the same position of the cup, make 7 leaves of a rosetta, and cut it in the middle near the rim.
  1. Twist your cup so the handle is facing 9 o’clock, and make a 6 leaves rosetta and cut in the middle.
  1. After that, turn your cupso it's facing 12 o’clock, and in the middle of both the rosetta, make a single long rosetta with 10 leaves but do not cut it.
  1. With semi dry foam, make a hand shape to the right and the second one onto the first rosetta to make it look like he's hanging on the tree.
  1. Then make a tail on the bottom side of the tulip, drag this part like you are drawing a “6” shape.
  1. Then make tiny legs on the other side of tulip.
  1. After thar you can dragging with your dry foam for the “head”.
  1. And then for the last thing, use the drop technique to fill up the tree with some “coconuts” with drops of milk! And voila! Your monkey is finished!

MILKLAB featured colLABorator

MILKLAB Master Barista, Rizky aka @ponga.edenn. 🏆 Winner of the MILKLAB Australia Barista Battle 2023.


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