Leprechaun Latte Art

To celebrate St Patricks Day, we asked MILKLAB Master Barista @c.r.e.a.m.1985 to pour this leprechaun latte art with MILKLAB Almond!

Leprechaun Latte Art
March 17, 2023
Latte Art

Practice and follow along with the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Build your base with the cup handle at 12 o’clock. Start by pouring a 12 leaf rosetta perpendicular to the handle with a 2cm gap – you should start at the height of the cup handle.

Step 2: Pour another 12 leaf rosetta on the other side of the cup. With the handle at 3 o'clock pour an 8 leaf rosetta at the bottom of the previous two, connecting them together. All three will create Leprechauns 'beard'.

Step 3: Parallel to the cup handle pour a 5 leaf rosetta on a slight downward angle, starting in the middle of the cup and finishing above the rosetta on the right.

Afterwards, pour another 5 leaf Rosetta, this time starting above the Rosetta on the left of the cup on a slight upward angle towards the centre of the cup. These two will be Leprechauns 'eyebrows'

Step 4: With the handle at 3 o'clock drag your pour from the corner of the right 'eyebrow' upwards creating a pointy loop and back down.

Then draw an elongated u-shape starting right above the rosetta at the bottom of the cup from right to left thus creating the 'smiley mouth'.

Step 5: Repeat the beginning of step 4 and drag a line creating a pointy loop in the corner of the left 'eyebrow'. Both loops will be Leprechauns 'ears'.

Step 6: Now, starting above the right 'eyebrow' and next to the right 'ear' start dragging a c-shape from right to left and then continue dragging a straight line towards the top of the cup. Continue the drag by drawing a straight line to the left and down towards the left 'ear' and the middle of.the left 'eyebrow'. In one continuous movement create a loop and drag the line back to where we started this step.

This creates a 'HAT'.

Step 7: Using a high-to-low drop technique create 4 little circles in the middle of the 'hat'

Step 8: Using the same technique as in step 7 create the 'eyes' 

Drop a small amount of foam right in between the 'eyes' and above the 'mouth' and drag it to the top and then down the bottom creating a triangle with three small bumps at the base thus creating the 'nose'.

Step 9: Et voila!

Step 10 (Optional): Using your leftover foam and a drop of green food colouring, grab your etching tool and draw the 4 LEAF CLOVER 🍀 in the centre of the hat where your 4 drops of foam used to sit.

MILKLAB featured colLABorator

MILKLAB Master Barista, Patryk aka @c.r.e.a.m.1985. Winner of the MILKLAB Barista Battle 2022.


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