What is a "Barista Alternative Milk"?

What is a barista alternative milk, and does it make a difference? This video will break down how barista milks differ from everyday milks and how you need to use them when making coffee.

What is a "Barista Alternative Milk"?
August 8, 2023

MILKLAB is made by baristas, for baristas. We love collaborating with coffee experts and baristas to further develop our expertise in coffee and are just as passionate about supporting up-and-coming baristas – whether they are starting their journey in a café or a home barista with a passion for coffee and wanting to make café quality coffee from home.

This How To video is part of the 'MILKLAB Barista Basics with Golden Brown' series.

For best results we recommend using MILKLAB’s full range of alternative milks which have been designed to steam just like dairy.

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