Celebrating 5 Years of MILKLAB with Christos Panas!

We sat down with NT coffee legend Christos Panas as part of our 5-year celebrations. Learn more about Darwin’s coffee scene and his journey.
Celebrating 5 Years of MILKLAB with Christos Panas!
September 27, 2020

Christos Panas is a Northern Territory Coffee Industry legend who was at the forefront of the development of Darwin’s vibrant coffee scene. Across his career to date he has championed as a roaster, cafe owner and barista- known for his exceptional latte art. He is now the founder and head roaster of Dtown Roasters. Dtown sources quality beans from around the world to develop the signature roasts which they deliver fresh to their customers.

Read about Christos’s journey, below:

What and where was your first job in the coffee industry?

First real job was as a Barista pouring coffee’s at kozy’s cafe Darwin 2005.

What is your occupation now and what inspired you to pursue a career in your chosen field?

I am owner/ operator of Dtown roasters my inspiration came from wanting to be the first commercial roaster based In Darwin.

What accomplishment/s are you most proud of?

Building my Roasting business from the ground up over the last 4-5 years (5 years in October)

What’s next for you?

I will remain in the coffee industry for many years to come it has been good to me.

What are the main changes you have noticed in the coffee industry over the past 5 years?

The main things I have noticed there is much more emphasis on the quality of the beans, smoother lighter roasts And freshness. In the latte art side of things Barista’s are pouring things I never thought possible.

What do you like most about MILKLAB / what is your favourite MILKLAB coffee?

To be completely honest I only drink my coffee black but I really enjoy using MILKLAB for latte art.

To find out more about Dtown Roasters visit their website:

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