Salted Caramilk Latte

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@lattesbyloz The Hungry Monkey
Salted Caramilk Latte
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Prep Time:

Salted Caramilk Latte with Oat Milk.

Made with


  • MILKLAB Oat (steamed)
  • 3-4 pieces Cadbury Caramilk chocolate
  • Pinch is sea salt
  • 1 espresso coffee shot


  1. Add Caramilk chocolate to latte glass, place in microwave for30 seconds, stir and put in for another 30 seconds. Continue until melted.
  2. Add sea salt and espresso shot.Stir until all combined.
  3. Pour steamed milk into latte. Enjoy!

Option to enjoy it cold: CompleteSteps 1 & 2, then add into blender with some ice, a scoop of ice-cream and MILKLAB Oat.

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