MILKLAB Barista Battle is back! Get Inspired by 2022 Winner, Patryk's Journey

Step into the world of Patryk Tomasik, the reigning champion of the MILKLAB Barista Battle 2022. Get inspired by his experience and learn from the best. What are you waiting for? Enter the MILKLAB Barista Battle 2023 and make your mark!
MILKLAB Barista Battle is back! Get Inspired by 2022 Winner, Patryk's Journey
June 15, 2023

Patryk, it’s been almost a year since the MILKLAB Barista Battle 2022 - Time flies! Can you share with us your initial reaction when you were announced as the winner?

I couldn't believe it! I still can't if I'm honest. I went in thinking that maybe, just maybe if I try hard enough I can get through the first round.

What was your preparation like leading up to the competition? Did you have any specific strategies or techniques that you focused on to give you an edge?

 I'm always trying to focus on making my latte art as clean as possible. All the rosettas and stacks to be as sharp as they can. As those basic patterns are also THE BASE of every advanced latte art pattern I feel the need to be practicing those the most. Also MILKLAB's practice space at MICE! Being able to use it before the comps helped a lot. As for the techniques - breathing exercises! And yet, I was still shaking even then 😅

Winning the MILKLAB Barista Battle means you have been recognized as a master barista. How has this title and achievement impacted your career and professional opportunities over the past year?

It definitely gave me more exposure. There are more people recognising me nowadays. More people knowing the face behind the latte art I'm trying to present to a wider audience. It also opened some new opportunities in the upcoming months, but I can't really divulge any information just yet. Stay tuned!

Very tired after more than 24 hours of travelling but it was so worth it though!

As the winner, you had the opportunity to enjoy a trip for two to the London Coffee Festival and travel around Europe in May2023. How was that experience for you, and did it provide any additional inspiration for your coffee creations?

It was an incredible experience! First of all, being able to just travel again after COVID and secondly out of all places travel to London where my partner and I met for the first time almost 8 years ago. Travelling around Europe brought us even closer together and made us love coffee even more (if that's even possible 😉)

Coffee at the hotel before leaving for London Coffee Festival

During your trip, did you have any memorable encounters with other industry professionals or coffee enthusiasts that left a lasting impression on you?

Definitely! Some of the coffees we have been able to try at the festival were proper bangers! Big shoutout to Jamie Rose from PLOT COFFEE ROASTING located in Woolwich, South London who treated us to some of the best coffees we have tasted this year! Tasty spros and a lovely team from FORMATIVE COFFEE.

Being able to snap a photo with the funniest barista out there and your everyday coffee MEME dealer @50percentarabica was the highlight! (Plus it also includes @wendeliendrinkscoffee!)

We also loved the coffees and lovely humans from DAK COFFEE ROASTERS and MANHATTAN COFFEE ROASTERS!


What were some of the highlights from London Coffee Festival that stood out to you? Were there any specific workshops, demonstrations, or new coffee trends that caught your attention?

I really liked the latte art workshops. I was most impressed with the skill of Kangni Dai (@connie_never_dai) who took out second in the UKLAC 2023.

I was also a little bit shocked with the turnout, especially on a Saturday. London Coffee Festival takes place in The Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane -It's 3 stories, each one huge, filled out with stalls, stages etc, and all of the 3 levels were filled to the brim with coffee joy! Loved the coffee community and their commitment, even if it was making it impossible for us to breathe 😂 (so so many people!!!)

Reflecting on your journey and the overall experience, what advice would you give to aspiring baristas who are considering entering the MILKLAB Barista Battle for 2023?

If you love what you're doing it will love you back. Compete, try your best and maybe I'll see you at MICE this year! It's all about practice. Pour your heart into each cup of coffee every day and it will pay off!

Finally, what words of inspiration or encouragement would you like to share with other baristas who may feel hesitant or unsure about participating in the MILKLAB Barista Battle?

Do it! Seriously, don't stress, don't put too much pressure on yourself. Just go in, have fun, meet all the amazing baristas you're going to compete against and who knows, it maybe you this year!

It's worth trying. Never give up. This year, I have already competed 3 times at 3 different latte art smackdowns, and got knocked out pretty early on all 3 times - do you think I will give up? HELL NO! Just have fun with it.

So what are you waiting for? Find out where your local MILKLAB Barista Battle will be and regsiter now! 

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